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Attentive to constant trends and changes, the company, which uses imported raw materials from more than 10 countries, provides solutions designed for all types of homes and commercial environments, developed in the advanced infrastructure of 9,000 square meters of its industrial complex . , occupied by modern machinery and effective production systems, managed by a team committed to efficient and high quality processes.

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Don’t let the challenge of finding the perfect blind solutions for your home or business stress you. Our experts at PRIMA BLINDS are committed to bringing your vision to life. We’ve been transforming spaces with quality and stylish window treatments for years, catering to a variety of needs, styles, and budgets

Our Product line


Curtain with fabric in the shape of cells that provide thermal and acoustic comfort. Diversity in colors and levels of light filtering.


Functionality and sophistication are characteristics of Cortiflex Wave. A 100% seamless curtain, made from imported raw material and structured in the shape of waves on a motorized rail.


The Luminoflex curtain controls the luminosity through its sheets of tissue arranged in waves. Just a light touch drive to tilt, being able to provide privacy, dimming or external visibility. This curtain meets the most demanding architectural projects and adds modern value to the environment.

Horizontal Aluminum 16/25mm

Shutters made of aluminum slats with widths of 16, 25mm or 50mm, which have a great diversity of colors and textures. With simple activation, it is possible to subtly control the incidence of light in the environment.

Horizontal PVC 50mm

Blinds made of PVC blades with a width of 50mm, which They have a wide range of colors and textures. for having blades extremely light and easy to clean, the blind can be handled by anyone, adding convenience and resulting in optimal protection of the environment.

Horizontal Wood/Synthetic 50mm

Shutters made of 50mm wide wooden slats, that have great diversity of colors and textures. meets the most demanding decorative projects, providing the environmental harmonisation. It is noteworthy that the wood used in the production of blades comes from reforestation, therefore, an eco-friendly product.

Magic Light

This is the ideal curtain for anyone looking to enhance and beautify their window. As the piece is moved, the fabric slides in bands and creates several possibilities of transparency and incidence of light in the environment.


Composed of a modern system that rolls the fabric into a tube made of aluminium, the Rollerflex curtain becomes an indispensable product for environments that require simplicity and at the same time modernity. It is possible to integrate solutions that bring comfort, enable transparency and privacy across a wide range of fabric collections.


With standardized modules separated by aluminum shafts with electrostatic painting, the Romanflex curtain brings a modern and functional. It has several finishing options, drives and fabrics, harmonizing ideally in any type of environment.


Curtain with roller drive added to a modern system of guides and zippers attached to the fabric to provide complete sealing of low intensity winds and UV rays. Imported raw material and only motorized drive.


Classic blinds reformulated to modernize spaces. Thicker blades with free passage between them (no use of chains) and option of solar screen to improve thermal comfort.

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